Danny Kuperberg is a musician and teacher based in North London

Feel free to browse the site for more info on his work and experience as:

Musician, pianist and recording studio mentor to some of the world’s leading dance musicians, producers and live DJ acts. For example, Jamie Jones, commonly considered the world’s top techno and house producer. See my video, and then Jamie’s.

More international name acts and info on my Experience page.

Danny Kuperberg also writes: Songs About Now

Topical / political Songs About Now were arranged and recorded in a period of two weeks in July 2008, and over three weeks in December 2009.

They demonstrate a variety of production techniques which over the years have proved helpful for developing professional and amateur producers and performers.

All songs written by Danny Kuperberg.

All tracks produced by Danny Kuperberg.

All instruments played by Danny Kuperberg except:

Lennie Breslaw (UK bebop legend): drums on ‘Billionaire Blues’ and ‘Beyond The Moon’

Jeff Mindlin: guitar on ‘The Zealot’

Edwin Din: comedy vocal on ‘Duck and Dive’

Danny Kuperberg is the antidote to pop fakery, dance routines and soul-less karaoke talent shows.

Its become a race to the bottom both in terms of standardised music production techniques as well as exploitative music videos.

There was a time when music meant everything. Not anymore.

Danny is for paying your dues, gigging hard and crucially enjoying it. Not ‘living the (phantom) dream.’

Whether surrounded by famous names everyone would’ve heard of at Spaceward Studios, Matrix, Audio Garage, a seven year collaboration with legendary Camden promoter Zaid Joseph or Dublin Castle’s Bugbear Promotions, Danny has been there and done that.

Who is responsible for today’s young talent or tomorrow’s exciting new talent?

A taste of this can be found on both the‘Gigs, news & Blog’ page.

Not just me, but so so many creative people are in it for the music. And not the hype.

Contact Danny: 078900 95198

Email: dkgekko@me.com