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November 27, 2017

With Danny’s help, Jamielisa, globetrotting up-and-coming DJ star branches into film soundtrack and remix work

Jamielisa Jacquemin is a highly talented and successful DJ and now remix artist.

With Danny’s help, she is now branching out into keyboard composition, original material, as well as being resident DJ at Boujis in Chelsea, a rich-and-famous hangout club, well-known across the world for its clientele (including certain members of the Royal Family)…


Danny and Jamielisa have spent much time together working in his project studio, and her versatility has improved no end.


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 17.32.53

She’s sung live on the West End stage, DJs internationally, writes industry soundtracks from her Soho studio and is an expert at marketing herself.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 09.04.07

Jamielisa…jack of many trades. And becoming master of most of ’em…!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 08.58.40

February 13, 2017

Camden Town. Another showcase and another five hopefuls brave the stage.


Another showcase night in Camden Town.
The legendary Zaid Joseph’s compering and helping out the young pups.
I’m playing piano, and also being encouraging to the up-and-comers, helping out when I can.

These days they seem as ambitious, talented and varied as ever, but somehow more earnest and less rebellious.
Plus ├ža change.

But I still love it after all these years.

July 19, 2016

North London’s most talented young musicians prepare for another ‘Amped’.

Every year we admit young rock/pop/jazz musicians, both from Woodhouse College in Finchley as well as talented BEAT students, mainly from the borough of Barnet, but also Camden, Haringey and Enfield.

These photos shows some students’ final rehearsal prior to their first Camden gig.


All students must have instrumental skills, as well as a good knowledge of music theory and musical genres. They must all audition in order to be admitted on the course.



This year we have a burgeoning 4-piece christened ‘Raw Cane Sugar’.

I’ve arranged two gigs for them with Zaid Joseph, Camden promoter.

They initially played Bar Vinyl on 6th September as a tryout. This went well, so both Danny and Zaid agreed that they should gig two weeks later at the more prestigious and larger Camden Proud venue.

It appears I’m beginning to act as their manager, both arranging gigs and, crucially, advising them…!

Raw Cane Sugar are:

Michael Okoye – lead vocals

Jordan ‘Beanz’ Balawi – lead guitar

Taylor Frost: bass

Dino: drums

Watch out for these guys.

Naz & Ella are:

Ex-students Nasreen Toorabally and Ella Patenall, an acoustic folk-rock act.

Both acts will initially be playing Bar Vinyl, and later Camden Proud if they can attract enough people to their gigs. And prove that they can really play.




August 20, 2015

Band manager, Danny Kuperberg! Updates…

Raw Cane Sugar update!

I have NEVER seen a band network like these guys do.

Particularly Jordan ‘Beanz’ El-Belawi.


He attracted a large posse of Charterhouse School admirers, not to mention the local Woodhouse fans that the band has already garnered. This even before their first gig at Bar Vinyl, Camden Town.

It takes a bit to impress me. And these guys really have.


So, their next gig will be at the more prestigious Camden Proud on Sunday 20th September. I’m sure they’ll attract more punters – the name of the game these days. And the band will go from strength to strength.

RCS now have a new piano player, George Shipton. And he’s talented.

Their Camden Proud setlist will be:

1. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

2. Bold As Love (Hendrix)

3. Redemption (Samm Henshaw)

4. Learn To Fly

5. No One Knows (Queens Of The Stone Age)

Raw Cane Sugar

RCS played Bar Vinyl to a rapturous reception on Sunday 6th September.


An unusually large crowd for a Sunday afternoon gig, largely helped by Jordan and Michael superb networking. Lots of Charterhouse, mainly eager female admirers showed up, plus some Woodhouse College support too.

Zaid Joseph, legendary Camden promoter announced straight after the gig that Raw Cane Sugar would be playing Camden Proud, a more prestigious venue , on Sunday September 20th. Here’s the evidence:


Exciting times for manager Danny and his excellent and talented rock act, Raw Cane Sugar.

Their set list was:

1. Purple Haze

2. Johnny B Goode

3. Why Do You Always Call Me When You’re High

4. When My Train Pulls In

5. All Along The Watchtower

Pics and video to come!


Naz & Ella

Nasreen Toorabally and Ella Patenall are due to play Bar Vinyl on Sunday 11th October.

Its their first gig in a while, but they are such a promising act…we’ll see how it goes.

August 18, 2015

Cian Grunfeld, one of Danny’s long term jazz and rock piano students poses nonchalantly in the middle.

Cian and I have also covered studio production, Logic Pro software and live PA setups in our lessons.

A really receptive and enthusiastic guy, I’m sure that he’ll be gigging for years to come whether Dutch Club become huge or not!



His band, ‘Dutch Club‘ are making big waves in the industry.

They already have a good following so are headlining The Borderline.

Considering that Cian’s only just done hIs GCSE’s, that’s quite some achievement.

And yes, I AM going to take just a little credit.

July 13, 2014

Amped Returns

Another great Sunday Amped gig, early July.

This time at Bar Vinyl in Camden Town.

A celebration of burgeoning North London musical talent! (Not fashion fakery, lip-syncing and dance routines)…

IMG_4572 IMG_4557


September 8, 2013

Gig at Camden Proud with Sadie Alleyne

If you’re mooching around Camden on Saturday 21 Sept, there’ll be an afternoon gig at Camden Proud with Danny on piano and Sadie on vocals.

Loads of great acts on from 1pm!

Danny Kuperberg
Danny Kuperberg
Sadie Alleyne
Sadie Alleyne
July 11, 2013

Scarlett Etienne gears up for ‘Burning Man’ with Danny Kuperberg

Globetrotting superstar DJ, Scarlett Etienne will be headlining at Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert this August.

as she did in unique style last year.

Danny will be spending the next few weeks at Scarlett’s Dalston studio helping her prepare for this as well as other forthcoming gigs this year.



And as a bonus for my BEAT and Woodhouse students, here is Scarlett doing an excellent interview with Point Blank about the art of music production using Ableton Live for high-end fashion catwalk shows.

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