Kevin McKay owns and has developed Glasgow Underground Records, a hugely influential dance music label which has produced many successful dance musicians, DJs and producers, the most notable being Mylo and Grum, both top and in-demand global dance stars.


In the ultra-competitive world of dance music, Kevin McKay is both a taste-maker and a trend setter; a rare combination.

I taught Kevin performance and keyboard skills. Both Kevin and I think his remixes, original work and production on his labels’ famous dance musicians work have all improved no end.

Like the world’s top DJ, and most successful Danny client of all, Jamie Jones,¬†Kevin acknowledged early on that without keyboard, melody and harmony skills, his work would always be a pale imitation of his real potential. And that’s in my view why Kevin, like Jamie, is successful. He’s humble enough to know where his limitations are. And to work on them.


Tastemaker, record company founder, major underground dance music player, accomplished producer, new dad, Danny’s friend.

That’s Kevin.


Below, Kevin discusses digital formats in his capacity as a record company boss.¬†And it’s in The Sun newspaper!

Who’d have thought it?